“Superior quality in workmanship and customer fulfillment”

“Nothing is more fulfilling than a delighted customer driving off our premises in a brand new car”

Elvin Nel – CEO

Introduction to CMC Auto Panel

CMC Auto Panel, pioneered by Mr Tommy Nel and family, is a 51 percent black female owned company with 50 year’s experience in the Automotive Repair Industry. CMC currently employs eighty of the highest qualified and experienced staff members in this industry in the Western Cape.

Keeping up to speed with new technology and progress in the industry, our equipment is based on all major motor manufacturers’ approvals. Our priority is ultimate customers satisfaction at all times. We understand that a motor vehicle is a major investment in mobility and independence. We also know that it’s both a shock and an inconvenience when your vehicle is damaged in a collision, particularly when the damage is serious.

However, that accident does not necessarily have to result in a loss of value, performance or good-looks. Expert restoration will retain the value of your vehicle, which is, of course, in the best interests of everyone concerned – you the owner, your insurer and the finance company.

To maintain quality workmanship, we invest extensively in learning and development through apprenticeship programmes, vehicle manufacturer, equipment and paint supplier training, as well as in-house coaching from subject matter experts. This in turn also contributes to building the industry and broader skills development in our country.

Our customer focus is driven by dedicated client liaison teams. Customer satisfaction is measured by an independent company ‘Lightstone Consumer” and analysed as part of continuous improvement.

With 50 years of experience in this industry, CMC Auto Panel combines the most up-to-date techniques and equipment to expertly and speedily repair collision damages and restore your motor vehicle back to perfect condition.

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